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The development of the vLocPro enables you to perform your daily location tasks faster and with greater precision, and it offers unbeatable value for money.
The large colour display, which can also be read in the strongest sunlight, provides the user with all the important information at a glance. Even unpracticed users can intuitively learn how to operate the entire location system, thus keeping training requirments to a minimum. A wide frequency spectrum - compatible with all conventional location systems on the market - enables the user to select the optimal frequency for every task and thus optimise the location results. The factory settings for the frequencies can be modified or changed at any time. Additional frequency packages are available free of charge.
The user can implement them via a USB socket or perform updates. Accessories such as the A frame for sheath fault location are also connected via the USB socket.
The system's high-performance 10 W transmitter is also already equipped with all the usual frequencies. The connected accessories (transmitter clamp, coupling set, etc.) are automatically detected and selected. The transmitter is optionally available with an integrated rechargeable battery.

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