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The vLocCam is the simplest and best value-for-money method for locating and measuring the depth of sondes or camera heads.


Directional compass for fast and precise location of camera heads or sondes
Continuous depth measurement
Passive frequencies (current and radio signal) to prevent cable damage
Sunlight-compatible colour display

Even unpracticed users can quickly and intuitively learn how to operate the entire location system. The "directional compass" in particular makes the locating of sondes and camera heads very quick and easy.
The large colour display, which can also be read in direct sunlight, provides the user with all the important information at a glance.
Its broad frequency spectrum (512 Hz, 640 Hz and 33 kHz) allows it to locate all conventionally used sondes and camera heads.
After location of the sonde, the system can be used in passive mode (current and radio signal) at the located position to find cables or pipes in order to prevent damage to them while digging.
This makes the vLocCam a fast and reliable solution for your day-to-day locating tasks.

Benefits at a glance:

"Directional compass" for fast and precise locating of sondes or camera heads
Depth measurement measured continuously or at the touch of a button
Passive frequencies (current and radio signal) for avoiding cable damage when performing excavations
Lightweight receiver (under 2.5 kg) for fatigue-proof work
Three active frequencies (512 Hz, 640 Hz, 33 kHz) for locating all conventional sondes and camera heads
Large, sunlight-compatible LCD colour display
Automatic sensitivity control

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