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Utility location system to detect and trace cable runs and pipe networks. The Easyloc is fast and simple to operate, with features designed to avoid potentially dangerous power cables and other services as efficiently as possible.
The Easyloc receiver shows the signal level received and marks the maximum with a marker. This means operators work with both the audio signal and the visual confirmation at all times. Just like using the signal meter on a mobile phone! Depth measurement is possible at the push of a button, even when using Power Mode.

Who Benefits?

Easyloc is suitable for Water, Rail, Gas, Power, Highways and Telecommunication Utilities and Contractors; Groundworks; Building, Local Authorities, Civil Engineering, Street Lighting, and Fencing, Gardening and Landscaping companies.

Easyloc Rx Receiver:

  • Passive location of Power and Radio signals

  • Active location of 33kHz transmitted signals

  • Semi-automatic sensitivity control

  • Depth measurements in Active and Passive Modes

  • Continuous signal strength display

  • Peak indicator "Easy Locate"

  • Audio output via loudspeaker with volume control

  • Single-finger function key-control

  • Dual sensors for Auto Backlight

  • Auto off function

Easyloc Tx Transmitter/Generator:

  • 33kHz continuous or pulsed

  • Class leading power output

  • High (0.5 W) and low (0.1 W) power settings

  • Simple push-button control

  • Air cored antenna

  • Induction or direct connection

  • Induction in two planes of antenna orientation

Service and Repair/Whole Life Cost

Easyloc is the first of its type to consider Whole Life Cost. The design from the outset has been aimed at precision performance from modular components. Annual calibration is a simple test, with no part-dismantling required, dramatically reducing calibration cost. Any repairs are carried out by quick replacement of modules.

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