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The benefits at a glance:

  • H2 sensor that is insensitive to other gases

  • Audible and visual leak indication

  • No maintenance

  • Reading memory (histogram)

  • No saturation, fast recovery

  • Can be used as hand-held sensor

The use of hydrogen detectors is a tried-and-tested method that can accurately locate even the tiniest leaks in drinking water mains.
A hydrogen mixture is pumped into the pipe via a hydrant or domestic connection and then escapes at the leak, where it can be precisely detected at the surface. Hydrogen is the lightest and cheapest of all trace gases. A mixture of 5% hydrogen and 95% nitrogen is used. This environmentally friendly gas mixture is neither combustible, toxic nor corrosive.
Because it reacts so accurately and quickly, the Hydrolux H2 is ideally for precisely locating even the smallest of leaks. Audible and visual displays help the user to find leaks. The probe can be quickly and easily removed from its carrying pole in order to locate leaks in enclosed spaces.

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