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Sebalog NP is most modern radio logger on the market, measuring and analysing not just noise levels, but also frequencies, helping to detected leaks during prelocation – especially when dealing with non-metallic pipelines.
Revolutionary technology: no cables or interfaces (such as RS232, infrared, etc.) are necessary - the Sebalog NP two-way radio module programmes and reads your loggers quickly and reliably.
Measuring timeframes, reading points, groups … everything is programmed into the loggers with just one click. The loggers do not even have to be removed from their place of deployment – just drive by while the Sebalog NP Commander reads and programs your loggers.
Measuring at the wrong time is also a thing of the past - the new Sebalog NP system updates the measuring time every time you radio-read the logger.
Sebalog NP - a great logger and yet so small... at only 110 mm in height it is the smallest logger on the market - because of its built-in aerial.
The versatile software Sebalog View is also part of the package. It not only programmes loggers, but also expertly analyses, evaluates and documents all data.
Impress your customers with a professional presentation of your results.

Sebalog NP - the most important features at a glance:

  • more reassurance due to noise level AND frequency analysis

  • best results – even with plastic pipes

  • saving time with drive-by technology–loggers programmed and read with two-way radio

  • revolutionary radio-controlled time adjustment

  • small size fits all shafts

  • easy and intuitive use

  • includes software for logger programming, analysis, evaluation and documentation

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