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Headquartered in Nenagh, Aqualeak offer services to both domestic and commercial clients on a nationwide basis. You can find more details on our truly extensive range of services below.

PLL Aqua Eng Ltd t/a Aqualeak


Aqualeak leak detection service is a non-invasive, non-destructive, accurate leak identification service. Our specially trained experts are highly skilled to accurately locate the most difficult leaks, with state of the art equipment, without destruction. We are the leak detection specialists used by Local Authorities, local group water schemes, commercial/industrial premises and domestic users.
Once we have been employed to detect a leak on a network, our skilled team firstly collect and study all necessary data needed to complete a thorough examination. The appropriate testing and inspection process is specifically chosen to suit each particular case. Some examples of the equipment and methods used in our leak detection include:

Leak Detection

Noise Level & Frequency Loggers

Acoustic Ground Microphones

Digital Correlators

Leak Detection


Commercial premises by their nature are usually expansive and therefore underground water leaks may go undetected for some time. The only indication of a leak may be a consistently high water bill. Our highly skilled team of leak detection engineers can pinpoint water leaks precisely, ensuring that the leak repair can be carried out in the shortest time possible, reducing the cost of the repair to the client and with minimal disruption to the site. Aqualeak utilises various acoustic equipment as well as hydrogen gas tracing along with the very latest in correlating technology.

As part of a site survey, a comprehensive water leak detection & location regime is deployed including step testing, zero pressure Daily Measured Flow (DMF) and flow and pressure loggers as required

Why not call our engineer today to discuss options for your leak, availability and pricing.

All mains water supplies are mapped & zones established

Flow rate & average daily usage is recorded

Flow & pressure tests are conducted

Sounding techniques are deployed with acoustic correlation & ground microphones to pinpoint the leak location.

Industrial & Commercial Leaks


Knowing the location of a water mains is essential in effective leak detection. It is crucial to know the route of a pipe when trying to pin point a leak either by ground microphone or correlation. When a technician is aware of the exact location of the pipe it expedites the leak finding process considerably. Aqualeak offer an efficient, skilled pipe tracing service, working with both metallic and non-metallic pipes. Some examples of the equipment and methods we use for pipe tracing include:

Sound Pulse Generators

GOK A-10 Location Finder System

PWG2000 Location Finder System

GOK A-50 Location Finder System


Aqualeak offers a complete range of non-invasive leak detection services to all out customers using the latest technology available to locate leaks on main service pipes, heating systems and hot/cold & mains water. The services offered include thermal imaging, acoustic listening methods and the hydrogen gas method. Depending on your particular leak a combination of leak detection methods may be used.

Thermal imaging cameras are primarily used to find the location of the existing heating pipes in the floor to ensure we know the area to concentrate on for next method to be used. Acoustic listening involves using a ground microphone to systematically listen to the ground floor slab to hear hissing emitted from a leak, while the hydrogen gas method uses an injection of low concentration hydrogen gas in the leakage object and our equipment can detect the gas when it rises above te floor.

Aqualeak has a proven track record in domestic water leak detection.

Why not call our engineer today to discuss options for your leak, availability and pricing.

Pipe Tracing
Domestic Leaks


A water audit can identify genuine use and needless waste. The result – leaks and wastage identified, less water used, less money spent! A comprehensive water audit will uncover any costly inefficiencies in the water distribution system that results in money literally going to waste. Aqualeak offer a water auditing service that will usually start with a Desktop study which will look at bills, collate information relating to the bills including consumption, metering, waste water costs, tariffs, surface water charges, standing and fixed charges. Following on from this will be a site survey reviewing the physical use and distribution of water.
This is an unobtrusive exercise that locates leaks, verifies the potential savings identified in the desk study and identifies all other opportunities for savings. This activity includes flow and pressure monitoring, infrastructure verification, control valve status and operation.
Techniques for breaking down and checking large sites include step, transfer and drop tests, prior to undertaking top sounding and real time multi-point correlation. The result is a range of detailed reports and direct advice on how to improve effective water use. This can result in leak detection & repair, installation of automated meter readings, installation of water conservation products or rainwater harvesting.
We can provide recommendations for waste water recycling and private boreholes with a water treatment plant.


Aqualeak utilises the very latest technology in ultrasound flow measuring to accurately measure flow in existing pipelines for clients. The UDM 200 is a light, portable ultrasound flow measuring device for precise flow measurements in pipes.
The measurement is carried out from the outside wall of the pipe and without direct contact with the water column. There is no need to enter the piping system or to interrupt the supply.

Water Audits
Flow Management


Our experienced pressure testing technicians can undertake all types of pressure testing for all types of pipelines from Steel PVC, Ductile Iron to Polyethylene. Mains water pressure needs to be tested prior to the installation of any kind of water treatment system in order to test for any irregularities in pressure that may affect the operation of the filtration equipment. The pressurisation of the water pipeline is done using a pump which has been specifically purpose designed. Pressure loggers are used on mains, which can be downloaded and analysed on site.

Pressure Management


Using the Sebalog D wireless data logger, Aqualeak can offer a complete telemetry system. Sebalog D data loggers can be used to cost effectively monitor DMA's of all sizes, monitoring flow, pressure, turbidity, reservoir levels, chlorine & ammonia levels, open channel flow, borehole levels and any other devices with 4-20mA outputs. The loggers can be programmed to output data every 1sec to every 24hours.
Sebalog D is an advanced wireless data logger system which is ideally suited to today’s water industry. It is ideal for monitoring flow and pressure to assess demand, leakage and conformance. The Sebalog D range consists of single, two and four channel data loggers.

Wireless Data Logging

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