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PWG 2000

The PWG location finder system consists of a receiver (Hydrolux 500/5000) and an electronic pulse generator unit named PWG to be bolted to a hydrant or a mains hose. This system enables the operator to easily locate non-metal water pipes in a depth of up to 2 m. No additional expensive, sophisticated equipment is necessary, and the particular pipe section does not have to be put out of service for the checking process.
In order to achieve good measurement results, the pipe pressure should not be below 2 bar. The PWG system itself is very easy to operate and does not require any prior excessive training. It perfectly well meets the re-quirements of utilities in towns and communities with drinking-water networks consisting of metal and nonmetal pipes.
The vibrations generated by the PWG have an optimum propagation performance in an even soil structure and surface. Ranges of between 50 m and 600 m can be achieved under good conditions. The PWG systems is also helpful when pipe network plans have to be designed, controlled or completed. The location finder system can be applied within and outside urbanized areas and quickly and reliably locates unknown pipe routes.
The Hydrolux HL 500/5000 ground-microphones (receiver) picks up such vibrations – which are strongest directly over the pipe – through ground contact and displays the vibration intensity both in an analogue and in an acoustic way. So the exact position and the route of the pipe can be determined in a speedy and resource-saving way.
The PWG (pulse generator) is connected to a water supply pipeline and opens and closes the pipeline approxi-mately 60 times a minute due to the water pressure and the flow of the water inside the pipe. These activities cre-ate pressure waves which propagate as unidimensional and longitudinal compression waves along the pipe. Such waves can be received by a geophone on the surface.


  • Applicable for all pipe materials PVC, PE, AC, Cast Iron, Steel...

  • No interference with electric cables

  • Distances up to 600 m

  • Long operation time

  • Easy to set up

  • Depth up to 2 m

Kit Includes:

  • Device in a box with internal rechargeable battery

  • Cable

  • Charger

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