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The location of leaks on PE house services is often made difficult when the route is unknown or in poor acoustic conditions. Frequently leak detection is impossible even with modern cross correlation equipment because there is no stop valve for the house service. Likewise, leak detection on long PE pipe runs cannot be carried out when there is no detectable signal at any of the house service teminations.
The GOK A-10 is introduced into the house service pipe via an appropriate blocking valve. This is achieved by exposing the pipe and fitting this special blocking valve to it. Because the pig is smaller than the aperture of the fitting and can be pushed into it, there is not as a rule any need for further installation work.
Situated in the pig section of the GOK A-10 are a sensitive piezo–electric microphone and a transmitter coil to generate a magnetic field so that it can be located overground with the receiver of the pipe tracing equipment.
The connection terminal of the GOK A-10 can be connected to one of the leak detectors; HL 98, HL 400 or HL 2000 so that the microphone signal from the pig can be amplified and displayed.
The pig is pushed into the pipe until the maximum sound from the leak is detected. The pig is then situated directly at the site of the leak. The transmitter coil in the pig is activated by switching over at the connection terminal so that the position of the pig and therefore the leak position can be pin-pointed overground.
Another application is the pre-location of leaks on pipe networks carrying PE services without shut off valves. More often than not no acoustic signal is detectable directly on the house termination due to severe sound attenuation.
Pre-location is achieved by pushing the GOK A-10 up the service pipe as far as the take off point on the main to pick up a signal should any leak noise be present. Great sensitivity can be achieved using this method because the microphone is lies directly in the body of water and there is no general external interference.

Performance Characteristics:

  • Combined set for pipe tracing and leak detection on plastic pipes

  • High sensitivity and selectivity through leak noise registration in the pipe

  • No influence from general outside interference

  • Can be used without shutting off supply

Ordering Information:

  • Optical fibre location cable GOK A-10

  • Pipe blocking valve with 1" thread

  • Insertion tool

  • Sealing ring

  • Special grease

  • AF Adapter


  • Leather bag

  • Leak detection instruments HL 98, HL 400, HL 4000

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