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HL 10

The HL10 from AquaLeak is a small, easy-to-operate, handheld device for locating leaks in water pipes. Its outstanding acoustic properties enable it to reliably locate even tiny leaks. The three filter settings allow the equipment to be perfectly adjusted to the individual task and interfering background noise can be suppressed. The visual LED indicator assists the leak location procedure and simple, one-handed operation enables long assignments to be carried out tirelessly. The current measured value is stored with the mute switch. The best settings for the particular leak situation can be selected using the volume and sensitivity control. Nightwork is facilitated by the integrated LED light.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Reliable leak location due to good, acoustic properties

  • 3 filter settings for suppress extraneous noise

  • LED indicator for visual leak detection

  • Volume control for adjustment to ambient noise

  • Sensitivity adjustment

  • One-handed operation

  • Mute switch

  • Measured data memory

  • Rugged design

  • Extremely easy to use

  • Integrated LED light

Product includes:

  • HL 10

  • PAM B-2 microphone

  • KR 30 headphones

  • PAM U-D 3-point foot

  • Sensor rod

  • Magnet

  • VST T-2 extension rods

  • HLK 10 transport case

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