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  • Graphical display of flow rate

  • Battery powered for independent use on site

  • No large antenna needed for GSM communication

  • Data recording during real time data transmission

  • Suitable for all common pulse heads and electro magnetic flow meters (e.g. from Elster, ABB, Sensus).

Working Principle

The Step Tester was created to be a real time graphical display of the flow rate during a Step Test. The small housing and the modern GSM data transmission ensure that the Step Tester fits in every meter chamber so that it can be closed during the Step Test. This means, no extra manpower is required to guard the equipment.
The Step Tester uses the same GSM network as mobile phones and will therefore have extremely high coverage and no range limit. The internal pressure sensor can be used to monitor the water pressure during the step test.

Storage and Evaluation

The flow data is not only transferred real time but also recorded in the internal memory of the data logger during the Step Test. This means, the whole Step Test can be evaluated as well, when the equipment will be collected after the work is done. Even when the communication broke up during the measurement, the data will still be available from the internal memory.
Comments can be added during the real time measurement or afterwards and making the evaluation and documentation much easier.


In combination with a Readerbox2 the Step Tester also has a radio linked display
In combination with an ultrasonic flow meter (e.g. UDM 200) the Step Tester can be used even when there is no district meter available

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