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Water Leak Detection Specialists | Equipment Sales

Based in Nenagh but serving customers nationwide, Aqualeak specialises in finding water leaks in underground pipes for both domestic and commercial clients, including Government agencies. We also offer sales and repair of water leak equipment.

Our fully trained and extensively experienced technicians have worked on water leak detection projects of varying sizes across Ireland. Each team member works efficiently and carefully to find the location of hidden water leaks under nearly any surface.

Whether you are a domestic or commercial client, an underground leaking water pipe can have adverse effects if left unattended to. Just a few examples of these effects include:

An increase in your water bill

Wasting of water

Damage to the foundation of your property


Aqualeak has a wealth of experience in precisely pinpointing the location of your water leak from the ground level, thus minimising the need for any unnecessary digging. It also saves on expense and time.

Our team specialises in finding leaks in:

Council Water Mains

Housing Estates

Domestic Dwellings

Industrial Estates

Commercial Premises

As part of our service, Aqualeak offer an initial consultation to all clients, during which we establish the issues you are encountering and give you our expert advice as to what would be necessary for finding and fixing any leaks.
Finding water leaks can be a costly and lengthy process. The Aqualeak team aim to alleviate these worries by not only having the expertise needed to tackle varying jobs, but also by using the right equipment! We use the very latest water leak detection equipment in all jobs.

Get in touch with Aqualeak today to hear more.

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