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The new Sebalog D is a data logger specially designed for the needs of water suppliers. The logger is battery powered which lasts for 5 years even with integrated GSM/GPRS module under def. circumstances. The Sebalog D is available in several configurations with internal sensors and various input channels.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Wireless read out and programming

  • Analog and digital inputs

  • Huge memory

  • Over 5 year battery life time

  • USB

Wireless programming and read out:

In combination with the PC radio interface USB-E-box the user can simply programme several loggers one by one via radio. The read out process works the same if you use the Sebalog ReaderBox. Simply go near by the logger (radio range up to 20 m and more) and collect all data stored in the internal memory of the logger. Transfer the data later to your PC and do your analysis.


How ever your recording interval should be: you simply program the loggers for your special needs. From 1 sec. up to 24 hours an interval can be chosen.


The Sebalog D is available with integrated pressure sensors or simply as a "regular" data logger. All 0-5 V or 0-20 mA, pulse or frequency sensors can be attached and the data can be logged.

Telemetry data logger:

As a special version the Sebalog D comes with an integrated quad-band GSM/GPRS modem to transmit data over a long distance. Data are provided via FTP to easily integrate the data into existing telemetry systems.


Each channel has individual alarm thresholds. Once this threshold is reached the logger sends a SMS, email and message to the telemetry system.

Advantages at a glance:

  • Wireless read out and programming

  • Fast USB interface

  • Big memory for long logging cycles

  • Integrated pressure sensor (optional)

  • External display to operate logger (ReaderBox) (optional)

  • Logging not interrupted while read out process


  • Radio interface for PC: USB E-Box

  • Wireless data reader: ReaderBox

  • Additional sensor connection cable

  • Software SebaDataView

  • Internal GSM/GPRS modem

  • Integrated pressure sensor

  • Additional battery for GSM/GPRS communication

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