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The Correlux P-250 is a PC-based correlator system for locating leaks in water pipes. The latest, most sophisticated correlation methods help the user to avoid incorrect measurements and expensive unnecessary digging. Automatic plausibility tests make measurement even more reliable. The integrated damage sketch program means leaks can be easily recorded in detail. The P-250 allows you to quickly and efficiently locate leaks in pipes of any material; with its innovative automated frequency analysis, plus manual override, it is the perfect correlator for anyone looking for leaks.

The benefits at a glance:

  • Reliable, fast results from automation

  • Automatic fi lter setting by multiple frequency noise analysis

  • Automatic overview measurement

  • Multi-position correlation results comparison

  • Off-site or off-line correlation from saved data

  • 3Dimensional time-line correlation analysis

  • Manual "Expert" override settings

Process integration

  • Integrated positioning with GPS antenna

  • Optimised for working with tablet and rugged PCs

  • Powered via USB connection

  • Menu guided operation

  • Integrated sketch program

High-end technology

  • Sophisticated radio technology for long-range operation

  • Audio channel can be selected for listening to leak noises

  • Digital signal processing

Operation mode

Leak noise is caused by water escaping from the leak location in a pipe under pressure. This leak noise travels away from the leak location along the pipe and is picked up by highly sensitive sensors. Either the solid-borne vibration at the pipe wall is measured by piezo-sensors or the fluid-borne vibration in the pipe is measured by hydrophone. The amplified sensor signals are transmitted to the evaluation electronic by a radio circuit. Exact leak location is carried out with modern analysis techniques in the laptop PC.

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