Listening Sticks

Aqualeak offers for sale Listening Sticks and Stethoscopes available in a choice of materials and and lenghts to suit your particular needs.

We provide a range of stainless steel and and timber listening sticks for the operators that like that traditional "static-free" sound. Please contact us for a competitive quote.

Ref Product Code Description
A 161-000019 8" Pocket Stethoscope
B 023-000094 Extension Rod 0.50mtr MASP061290
C 023-000024 Extension Rod 1.25mtr
D 161-000044 5ft Wooden Listening Stick, Broom Handle Type
E 161-000014 4ft Wooden Listening Stick, Broom Handle Type
F 161-000040 4ft Stainless Steel Listening Stick
G 161-000131 5ft Diaphram Listening Stick, Angled Head, 3 Piece
H 161-000151 Bobbin Type Listening Stick, Wooden Head, Stainless Steel Shaft