HL 500 H2

The benefits at a glance:

  • Unique combination of ground microphone and tracer gas detector
  • Everything included in a set (control unit, ground microphone, H2 sensor)
  • Highest location precision due to visualisation of up to nine measuring points (gas concentration/sound)
  • Highest sensitivity for tracer gas detection

The Hydrolux Series of Equipment

The modern DSP technology used together with a 16 bit audio codec provides the user with high audio quality. Background noise is simultaneously minimised. This means that leaks which only produce a quiet sound can also be reliably identified. The Hydrolux is easy to carry even for longer periods of work due to the small housing and low weight. The large back-lit display provides easy reading of the measurement results. Hydrolux is simple to use which makes it a fine companion in your daily search for leaks.
With the modern series of Hydrolux equipment HL 500 H2 and HL 5000 H2, you can find leaks particularly quickly, easily and reliably. The equipment uses modern digital signal processing technology (DSP) to clearly recognise the leak sound, even when there is a lot of noise in the environment. The sounds are not just perceived audibly, but are also displayed graphically using ultra-modern dual segment analysis (DSA) technology. For the user this means more reliability when locating water losses.
Modern DSA technology for optimised leak location
DSA technology stands for "dual segment analysis". In a normal noise spectrum, background noise (cars, wind, passers-by, etc.) drowns out the actual sound of the leak. After calculation and evaluation the background noise is displayed as a narrow bar in the graph. The actual sound of the leak is identified by the minimum value, which is displayed as a wide bar in the graph. The nearer that you get to the leak, the higher this bar gets.
How does tracer gas/test gas measurement work?
The use of tracer gas for locating leaks in water pipes with electronic gas detection equipment has been tried and tested for several years.
Leak Detection ProcedureTo find a leak, the pipe to be investigated is filled with tracer gas (forming gas - 5% hydrogen and 95% nitrogen) through a hydrant or house connection. This escapes from the leak and is precisely located at the surface. Owing to its low specific density and molecular structure, tracer gas has the particular characteristic of quickly penetrating all materials (concrete, tiles, tarmac etc.) and rising vertically, where it can then be detected using the HL 500 H2.
Due to its precise and quick reaction, the HL 500 H2 is ideal for accurately locating even the smallest of leaks.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Combination of acoustic and tracer gas leak location in one device
  • Histogram function for sound and gas concentration
  • Hear and see leaks: Histogram measurement with 9 simultaneously displayed DSA measurements
  • Low weight - non-tiring to use
  • High audio quality - Completely digital 16 bit audio codec

Product includes:

  • Leak location equipment/amplifier
  • Headphones
  • Equipment case
  • Carrying belt
  • Tripod adapter (PAM U-D)
  • H2 sensor with rod
  • Active universal microphone PAM B-2 with magnet and probe tip

Optional accessories:

  • Slide valve adapter 20 mm
  • Slide valve adapter 42 mm
  • Ground microphone (PAM W-2)
  • Connection lead VK 65
  • Extension set for PAM B-2 and PAM T-3 sensor rods
  • Carrying rod PAM W-1/PAM W-2
  • Carrying rod PAM T-3
  • Tripod adapter PAM W-2-D
LCD Display Yes
DSA technology Yes
DSP technology, 16 bit audio codec Yes
Histogram Yes
Drag display Yes
Fixed filter sets Yes
Back-light Yes
Software updates Yes
Sound insulation to VBG121 (< 85 dB) Yes
Weight 1200 g
Dimensions  (L x B x H) 215 x 95 x 110 mm
Operating time ≥ 35 h, Tracer gas operation> 8 h
Power supply 10 x Mignon 1.5 (opt. rechargeable)
Connection options PAM W-2, PAM B-2, PAM T-3, H2 Sensor

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